NMSU VPN is a Cisco AnyConnect application that virtual places your computer or laptop on NMSU's network. It does so by encrypting all NMSU internet traffic and send it to the NMSU campus. Then, your traffic routes to the proper destination. Servers believe your computer is on NMSU's network because your traffic is routed from NMSU's campus and not from your computer.

Using NMSU VPN ensures your NMSU traffic is encrypted as it travels across the internet. NMSU servers and internal websites may enforce security policies that require clients connect from NMSU's network. NMSU VPN helps server administrators ensure these systems are reachable only to NMSU personnel.

How to Install the NMSU VPN

As of March 16, 2020, ICT has expanded the license and address space to accommodate an increase is usage. These changes mean you may experience problems accessing NMSU resources as NMSU's Security Team tries to adapt policies to the new address space.**

To install NMSU VPN, go to https://vpn.nmsu.edu. Log in with your myNMSU username and password. If this is your first time, you are prompted to install Cisco AnyConnect on your computer. Else, if Cisco AnyConnect is on your computer, the application will open and connect the NMSU's VPN. More detailed instructions are listed below.