ACES Departmental Classroom Upgrades

This year (2022) ACES has received $202,000 to perform classroom upgrades based on problems brought about by teaching during the pandemic. Funding must be installed by June 2023, but preferability before January 2023. ACES has 22 classrooms that qualify, but to upgrade a classroom $14,500 is required for the base upgrade package. The highest upgrade package is designed to support hybrid learning and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at $22,000 per classroom. One-to-One meetings will be held with Department Heads with qualifying rooms. Technologies specific to your field that could improve hybrid learning (support HEERF initiatives) may be applicable, and suggestions are welcomed.

This page outlines two upgrade packages for a departmental classroom. Centrally managed classrooms are already upgraded. The first package ( Baseline Upgrade) is a baseline upgrade that only refreshes the technology in the classroom and doesn't support hybrid learning, but will support BYOD. The second package ( Hybrid Learning Upgrade) refreshes the technology in the room and supports Hybrid learning and BYOD.

Baseline Upgrade

The baseline upgrade package is designed only to refresh the current technology in the room. In short, it will upgrade the projector, sound mixer, control box, and computer. These upgrades are similar to centrally managed classrooms and will provide a similar experience.



Estimated Price


Base model computer with keyboard, mouse, and monitor


Control Box (Crestron)

Touch Screen Pad and controller to switch displays


Sound Mixer

Remote Controlled Sound Mixer



FHD Laser Projector



Cabling, Adapters, and Mounts




Hybrid Learning Upgrade

The hybrid learning upgrade package will provide a more unique and interactive experience. This package will refresh the computer, and replace the projector with a 75” 4k interactive touchscreen monitor mounted to the wall, or mobile cart. In addition, this package will provide a ceiling mic with a 100 mic array, four smart ceiling speakers, a point, tilt, zoom, (PTZ) camera that can track the instructor and whiteboards. A newer solution for BYOD will also be provided for instructors that want to teach off of their own machine, and this will allow that machine to take over the classroom peripherals (mic, speakers, camera, etc.).



Estimated Price


Integrated computer


Interactive Monitor

4K touch screen interactive monitor


Monitor Mount

Mounting hardware for monitor (on wall or mobile cart)



Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ) tracking camera



Ceiling and wall speaker and microphone setup


Control Unit

Touch Screen Pad and controller to switch displays



Cabling, Adapters, Peripherals, Network Equipment & Mounts




Hybrid Classroom Product Spotlights

Dell Interactive Touch Screen Monitor with Built in Computer

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Point, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Tracking Camera

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Stem Ecosystem - Speakers and Mic Array

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Logitech Swytch - Control Unit for Bring Your Own Device Setup (BYOD)

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20/80 Split

ACES is currently asking Departments for an 20/80 percent split to cover the costs of the classroom upgrades to provide more opportunities and upgrades throughout the college.

ACES Classroom Refresh Plan

As technology ages, problems can arise. To combat this issue we are proposing a tech refresh plan. Implementing a student technology fee for students could provide enough money to refresh classroom technology over the years to keep everything in working condition and up to date.

6 Year Budget Replacement Plan

  • Three scheduled classes per semester in each classroom
  • 20 students per class
  • Booked Fall and Spring semesters (Summer not considered) = $12,500 (Three classes * 20 students * two semesters) * (6 years) (at $17.36 per student per class over six years)