Server Administration Notice

As directed by the Dean, if you, your colleagues, or students manage servers, services, Internet of Things (IoT), Point of Sales (POS), or cloud resources, please fill out the following form for every device/system/service under your control.

ACES Server and Cloud Services Survey

The five categories we are looking for include:
  • On-Premise Servers – systems/services on our network
  • Off-Premise Servers – systems/services not on our network, but serviced by a third party or a grant partner.
  • Cloud Services / Resources – online storage to cloud VMs
  • Point of Sales – credit card processing systems or online payment system
  • Internet of Things – any device that requires internet connectivity

Click here to access the Server & Cloud Services Survey.

Please take the time to complete this form.  If you have many systems/services, please select “Submit another response” at the end of the survey until all systems/services under your control are declared.  If you manage a network of IoT devices, please specify each type of IoT device you manage – not every IoT device out in the field.  Please take this very seriously and be reasonable.  We understand you’re too busy for this, but take the time to give my team enough information to determine if we need to follow up with you to help ensure your systems and services are safe and compliant with NMSU policies.  We’ve designed the form to be quick and easy. Please don’t try to justify the devices declared in this form. We only ask for enough details to determine if our technicians require a follow-up visit.

Also, if you know you’ve become infected with a virus or ransomware, please shut down the computer/system and report it to ACES IT immediately. You must contact the ACES IT helpdesk at 646-3305 or email Please don’t contact your favorite technician; we can’t afford delays during this process. You can also contact, but ACES Administration prefers ACES employees contact ACES IT.

The ACES administration will review and develop a new Server Administration Policy in the coming days.  In addition, they will ask ICT’s Security Information Office to provide training on identifying and securing systems and services under ACES controls.

Please complete this process by the end of March. Until you complete the process, you assume all liability for the resources under your control. The Dean would like me to remind you that by not following these procedures, disciplinary actions that could result in termination. ACES IT is here to help you as best as possible. Technology changes faster than we can keep up, and you’re not alone when you have IT troubles. We’ve noticed that students sometimes hold the weight of projects, systems, and services – the design, implementation, security, and recovery. ICT and ACES IT build a team to handle the same workload. Please remember ACES IT and ICT can help train and assist you and your students with IT needs.

What Is a Server?

A server is a machine or program that provides a service to a computer, program, and/or user. Servers are operational 24/7. Servers wait and fulfill requests from client user machines i.e. desktops/laptops. Servers can be physical, usually stored in a data center, but they can also be virtual.

What Is A Cloud Resource?

A cloud resource is any online resource provided by a third party.
A cloud resource can include many different things. File solutions such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., are all cloud resources. Virtual machines that are setup on solutions such as Amazon Web Services, AWS, or Microsoft Azure, are also cloud resources.

What Is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of things, IoT, includes smart devices that use internet connectivity. Examples of IoT devices can include sensors such as RainBird, WatchDog, NDrip, Neptune/Apex, temperature sensors, or any other IoT sensor approved by IT Acquisitions. IoT devices can also include security cameras or doorbell cameras, Ring or an alternative brands. Smart tools such as smart manikins, robots, tablets, VR headsets, video game consoles, etc., that are used in classroom environments are also considered IoT devices.

Do I Need To Report NMSU Resources?

Anything that is granted to you by NMSU, OneDrive, NMSU DropBox, Zoom, SPSS, Articulate, Nvivo, Creative Cloud, Qualtrics., etc. has already been vetted and approved by NMSU. You do not need to report these resources.

If you have software that has not been approved by ICT Acquisitions, you will need to fill out the Procurement of Information Technology (Pre-Approval Request) form and submit it as soon as possible to ACES IT at:
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